Real Estate and Land Relations Practice

Real Estate and Land Relations Practice

One of our priority areas is support of construction projects and transactions with land plots and real estate

Our specialists use experience accumulated over the years and effectively apply legislative innovations, advanced legal and technical solutions

Real estate and land relations practice services

Due Diligence in title for real estate assets of companies and holdings
Expert review of limitations, encumbrances and risks of ownership, use, disposal, including for the purpose of reducing/increasing appraised value
Preparation of conclusions on legal risks associated with investment activities
Identification of risks during sale and acquisition of real estate assets, recommendations on the means and methods to mitigate the identified risks
Structuring and support of transactions with land plots and real estate
Sale and purchase, lease, mortgage, investment, assignment and other, comprehensive approach considering tax effects
Resolution of complicated land issues
Including reservation, seizure, privatization and repurposing of land plots
Legal support in the change of category and permitted use of land plots
Legal support and audit of transactions associated with cultural heritage sites
Representation of the client in resolution of land-related disputes in commercial courts of all instances
Registration of title to the land plot and support in establishment of protected areas, cadastral works
Legalization of unauthorized construction/reconstruction in administrative proceedings and in court
Support of transactions for sale of real estate assets by non-residents
(citizens of unfriendly states), including transfer of funds abroad

Recently delivered projects in real estate and land relations practice

In 2021, we delivered a project of social importance for registration of land and legal relations for the purpose of construction of oncology outpatient and diagnostic center in Khimki municipality
We developed legal position for the leading market player in construction of telecom infrastructure that facilitated the delivery of a large-scale project for the establishment of tower infrastructure within the highway right-of-way
This project helped Russian Towers group of companies to erect antenna mast structures, which allowed communication providers to ensure uninterrupted mobile and Internet service along the new M-11 highway
In 2021, we supported a range of innovation transactions as per built-to-suit model that requires in-depth knowledge in legal registration of real estate, office infrastructure and lease
Real estate practice lawyers of INTANA Legal have developed a legal approach for Service-Telecom and other telecommunication market participants, according to which antenna mast structures are treated as real estate
We supported a transaction for purchase of a building with unique infrastructure and classified as cultural heritage site
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Head of Real Estate Practice

Rostislav Agapov

Rostislav Agapov specializes in consulting on real estate and land relations issues, support of transactions and legal representation.

Rostislav possesses extensive professional experience of legal support of construction and investment projects, resolution of complicated land-related issues of reservation, seizure, privatization and repurposing of land plots, and protection of the clients’ interests during resolution of land disputes in court.

Rostislav graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University and has PhD degree in law.

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